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Hill Crest Memorial Funeral Home and Hill Crest Memorial Park are located in Haughton, Louisiana. Hill Crest Memorial Funeral Home has provided funeral and cremation services since 1985. The cemetery was founded in 1954 and offers a wide variety of burial options. Working together, the sister locations serve the people of the Haughton, Benton, Bossier Parish and Shreveport area with patience and professional care.





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A personal touch

Lobby at Hill Crest Memorial Funeral HomeHill Crest Memorial Funeral Home is known for its personal touch. We visit with people, sit down and ask key questions about the person we’re honoring. We listen to families and help them celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Our funeral home team is experienced with both traditional and more modern funeral celebrations. Over the years, we've found that a personalized funeral makes a beautiful lasting memory. For a rodeo rider, we displayed trophies and photos at the funeral home. Instead of flowers on his casket, we used his horse saddle and cowboy hat. Funeral guests wore jeans and belt buckles as a tribute. The family of a woman known for her delicious cookies selected a recipe and we had cookies made to pass out to guests at the memorial service. Guests received copies of her famous Christmas cookie recipe to take home.

There are so many unique ways to personalize a funeral service. If you’re interested in a personalized funeral, let us know and we’ll design something truly special.

Modern Haughton funeral home

Chapel at Hill Crest Memorial Funeral HomeWe’ve made many recent renovations at Hill Crest Memorial Funeral Home, offering a modernized funeral home for Bossier Parish. Our building is 10,000 square feet and entirely wheelchair accessible. As part of the renovations, we converted our old chapel into 3 staterooms, which are used for visitations.

Our new chapel was built in December 2014. It’s a comfortable space with a home-like atmosphere, including credenzas and potted plants. The chapel has a warm ambiance, with soothing colors and wood tile flooring. It is well-suited for large services and seats more than 200 people. Interlocking chairs can be removed after a funeral so that the chapel can be used as a reception space. We also have large televisions for displaying pictures and video memorial slideshows.


There are many options for someone considering cremation. A family can hold a funeral service followed by a cremation. Alternatively, the cremation can be performed and then the family can hold a memorial service, with the cremated remains present as the focus of the service. If you are interested in this time-honored tradition, we can walk you through the process.

Hill Crest Memorial Park cemetery

Special landscaping feature at Hill Crest Memorial ParkThe peaceful grounds of Hill Crest Memorial Park comprise rolling hills and a variety of beautiful trees, including crepe myrtles, cedars and water oaks. Other cemetery features include a pond, 3-tiered fountain, sundial and mural.

Interment options

At Hill Crest Memorial Park, you can select from traditional ground burial, including private family estates; above-ground entombment in our mausoleum; and cremation options, including columbaria. The mausoleum has an open-air chapel for small committal services and beautiful stained glass.

Flat markers and upright memorials

Cemetery grounds at Hill Crest Memorial ParkMost of the gardens at Hill Crest Memorial Park allow only flat bronze or granite markers, which make it easier to care for the property and give the cemetery its park-like feel. However, based on frequent requests, we added an upright memorial section in 2017.

Veterans tributes and 9/11 memorial

Veterans section at Hill Crest Memorial ParkWe offer several gardens dedicated to veterans, all of which contain flagpoles flying the American flag. The veterans section has a stone mountain that displays a helmet atop an M-16 rifle as a tribute to those who have died in their military service.

Our September 11 Memorial in the Field of Honor features an essay written by a local high school student commemorating the lives lost on that day. The essay is carved into a 6-foot upright granite marker surrounded by images of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania field.

Amphitheater and outdoor events

Cemetery grounds at Hill Crest Memorial ParkThe grand outdoor amphitheater at Hill Crest Memorial Park accommodates approximately 2,000 people. It is used for a variety of events throughout the year, including an Easter sunrise service conducted by local clergy and a Memorial Day celebration held in cooperation with the 12th District VFW. We also hold luncheons for law enforcement, Patriot Guard Riders and the military.

We’re happy to help local organizations host events at our outdoor amphitheater. If you’re interested in holding an event here, please let us know.


Hill Crest Memorial Park was established in the early 1950s and is situated on more than 94 acres. O.D. Cox purchased the cemetery in 1959. O.D. had a vision to serve both the burial and funeral needs of the Haughton community by building a funeral home at the cemetery. Hill Crest Memorial Funeral Home opened in September 1985.


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