Chapel Hill Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens

701 North 94th Street Kansas City, KS 66112


  • Kati J Farney

    General Manager

    Kati has been a funeral director in the Kansas City area for over 14 years. Originally from Red Cloud, Nebraska, Kati moved to Kansas City in 2003 to pursue a degree in Mortuary Science and have a career where she could assist others. She currently lives in Overland Park with her 3 children, ages 16, 15 and 9.

  • Sherry M Padilla

    Funeral Director

    Sherry earned her degree in mortuary science at Kansas City Kansas Community College. She has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer since 2005, providing excellent customer service to our families ever since. Sherry has always wanted to help people, and in her role as a funeral director she does exactly that. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, Sherry lets our families know they are her top priority. Ask Sherry what makes her job rewarding, and she'll respond, "When everything is over, getting that hug from the family. That says it all!" When she isn't working, she enjoys her life in the country with her animals. She has 3 dogs and 1 grand cat, and is also passionate about animal rescue. Besides her furry kids, she has 1 daughter who is her pride and joy and lives in Portland, Maine.