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Stratford Evans Merced Funeral Home in Merced, California, has been providing funeral and cremation services in the area since 1876. While our services have responded to the community's needs, our commitment has remained unchanged for over a century.






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We believe every life should be celebrated and honored. Therefore, Stratford Evans Merced Funeral Home provides families with a multipurpose building for post-service receptions, the ability to offer food and refreshments, and time to share memories with family and friends. We also offer multiple-day funeral services for Asian families to meet all of their cultural needs.

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Our staff focuses on providing compassionate care and helping families through one of the most difficult stages of life. Throughout the years, we have upheld a high standard of service that continues today as we celebrate those in Merced County and the surrounding areas.

We offer a range of immediate funeral and cremation needs as well as help families plan ahead for the unexpected. In addition, we proudly support veterans and their families. Everyone at Stratford Evans Merced Funeral Home is honored to uphold this heritage and commitment to our community.

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