Woodlawn Cemetery

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We're proud to be a member of the Dignity Memorial® network of funeral, cremation and cemetery service providers. When you choose Woodlawn Cemetery, you receive both the compassionate care you expect from a Milwaukee-operated establishment and the benefits you deserve from North America’s largest and most trusted network of funeral, cremation and memorialization providers.


  • Cremation Memorials
  • Customized Memorials
  • Flat Markers
  • Mausoleums
  • Private Family Estates
  • Private Mausoleums
  • Upright Headstones
  • Veterans Cemetery Section



Upcoming Events

We cherish the community we serve and invite you to join us for our upcoming events.

27 May

Memorial Day Honor Service

9:30 - 10:30am
Woodlawn Cemetery
614 E Howard Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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