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Eternal Hills Mortuary & Crematory and Eternal Hills Memorial Park have been integral parts of the Oceanside, California, community since 1948. These sister locations offer funeral planning, on-site cremation and burial services to people from all cultural and religious backgrounds. Working together, the Oceanside funeral home and cemetery provide everything you and your family require to honor and celebrate life.





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Funeral planning can seem overwhelming. These guides can help you every step of the way—from choosing between traditional burial planning and cremation, designing a religious ceremony or a celebration of life, and deciding on cemetery property or filing for veteran's benefits.

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A welcoming funeral home

Chapel at Eternal Hills Memorial Park, Mortuary and CrematoryThe team at Eternal Hills Mortuary & Crematory is committed to accommodating people of all belief systems and cultures. Our chapel is non-denominational and we are well-versed in the funeral customs and traditions of many different faiths and cultures. We are proud to serve Oceanside’s large Samoan population.

We renovated the El Camino Real funeral home in 2012 with comfort and beauty in mind, giving all our spaces a fresh look that appeals to modern families.

Just as important, the funeral home team provides professional, courteous care, striving to exceed expectations. We are dedicated to designing personalized funerals and memorial services because we understand that no two lives are the same.

Personalized funeral services

Lobby at Eternal Hills Memorial Park, Mortuary and CrematoryWe believe a unique person deserves a unique celebration. How that plays out is as special as the person being remembered. Imagine it: From scrapbooking to surfing, guitars to golf balls, we take the things that mattered most to someone and string them together to create a singular, heartfelt memorial.

First, we help you find inspiration. Maybe it's in a song or a hobby. It could be a trademark style or a lifelong passion. Everyone has something that has informed their life. We turn that inspiration into a truly unique service filled with thoughtful and meaningful details.

On-site crematory

Eternal Hills Mortuary & Crematory has a private on-site crematorium, which means your loved one never leaves our care. Cremation is important in certain religions and cultures, and more and more people are choosing cremation over more traditional burial options, but most people aren’t familiar with all of their choices when it comes to cremation. You may choose a direct cremation without a funeral or memorial service of any kind; a funeral with the body present, followed by cremation; or a cremation followed by a cemetery service or a celebration of life.

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Committed to you

Eternal Hills Mortuary & Crematory and Eternal Hills Memorial Park belong to the Dignity Memorial® network of funeral, cremation and cemetery service providers. When you choose Eternal Hills, you get not only the warm, familiar attention you expect from locally operated establishments but also the value you deserve. We are always here for you. Just call when you need us. 


Settled by Spanish missionaries in the 1700s, the charming city of Oceanside is a family-friendly cultural haven that exudes the best of coastal California living. As integral parts of the community, Eternal Hills Mortuary & Crematory and Eternal Hills Memorial Park date back to 1948.

Deep roots in Oceanside

Joe B. Cockrill served as president of both Eternal Hills Mortuary & Crematory and Eternal Hills Memorial Park for nearly 30 years, beginning in 1951. Joe was also director of West Coast National Bank and a member of the Elks Club and Oceanside Rotary. He also served as chairman of the Carlsbad Planning Commission.

In 1969, Joe was elected president of the National Association of Cemeteries, which has more than 1,400 members across the United States and several foreign countries. He was active in other professional organizations, serving as president and treasurer of the Cremation Association of America and president of the Interment Association of California at different times.

The cemetery's Cockrill Isle monument memorializes Joe and his many important contributions to Eternal Hills Mortuary & Crematory and Eternal Hills Memorial Park.

Upholding a legacy

Today, the funeral home, crematory and cemetery are members of the Dignity Memorial® network, the largest group of licensed funeral and burial service providers in North America. Working together, we strive to uphold the legacy that Joe fostered and are here whenever you need us.

Eternal Hills Memorial Park

Cemetery grounds at Eternal Hills Memorial Park, Mortuary and CrematoryWith striking views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and towering mountains to the northeast, Eternal Hills Memorial Park is a feast for both the eyes and the heart. Comprising 130 acres of rolling hills, mature trees and a rose garden, the cemetery is impeccably manicured and provides a diverse range of in-ground interment, above-ground entombment and cremation interment options, including pedestals and benches. Forty-five acres are developed and there is plenty of room to grow—though we intend to keep more than 70 acres as a native habitat for the animals who live here.

Mausoleums and more

Pond with fountain in front of mausoleum at Eternal Hills Memorial Park.  Eternal Hills Memorial Park has a large community mausoleum overlooking a picturesque lake surrounded by cremation gardens. In addition, we offer private, built-to-suit mausoleums and will construct any form of above-ground entombment you or your family desires. We honor military veterans from all branches of the United States armed forces in 2 areas of the cemetery.

Visit us

Because Eternal Hills truly feels like a park, many people visit the cemetery simply to take in the peaceful surroundings. Locals come here to take walks or read books. We welcome you to do the same, and if you would like a guided tour of the cemetery property, just call us. We're more than happy to show you around.

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