Racine, Robert & Gauthier Funeral Home

180 Montreal Road Ottawa, ON K1L1B4


  • Kristine Lise Chenier

    Funeral Director

    Kristine Chénier began her career in the funeral industry right after high school and has been serving at Racine, Robert and Gauthier Beauchamp Funeral Home since 2008. During her last two years in high school, Kristine entered a program offering course equivalency for various internships. After enjoying her internships with a florist, a hairdresser and at Racine, Robert and Gauthier Funeral Home, it became clear that the funeral industry encompassed all three experiences. Feeling called to this career, Kristine enrolled in Collège Boréal in Sudbury before her high school graduation. After interviewing onsite at Collège Boréal she was accepted as part of the team at Racine, Robert and Gauthier Beauchamp Funeral Home. Kristine feels privileged to serve with such competent colleagues, honored by the respect and support of the management team and cannot see herself serving anywhere else.

  • Jessy Gallant

    Funeral Director

    Jessy Gallant enjoys being a part of the beautiful team at Maison Funeraire Racine, Robert and Gauthier Beauchamp Funeral Home as funeral director and manager. Convinced she would one day be a nurse, Jessy enrolled in nursing school at Cégep de Hull in the early 2000s. During her third year, a patient she had become close to passed away and Jessy began to question her resolve for the healthcare industry. After deep reflection she began to understand the sadness she had observed in the eyes of her colleagues and gained a compassion for those dealing with loss. Desiring to know what steps would be taken to prepare her late patient for her final resting place, Jesse stumbled upon a call to the funerary sciences. She returned to Cégep de Hull with a new course study in humanities and completed her DEC before attending Collège Boréal. Diploma in hand in 2003, Jessy was welcomed by Maison funéraire Racine, Robert & Gauthier, where she hopes to stay.

  • Daniel Lefebvre

    Funeral Director

    Daniel Lefebvre began in the funeral industry in 1971 at the Cooperative Funeral Home in Sudbury as a family counselor. Intrigued by the industry, he attended Humber College in the Toronto area the following year and served his internship at Racine, Robert and Gauthier Funeral Home where her served for two years as a funeral director. After taking the courses required to serve in Ontario and Quebec, Daniel accepted a position as a funeral director and embalmer at Maison Funéraire Emond, serving from 1975 to 1981. He returned to Racine, Robert and Gauthier Funeral Home to serve as a human resources director, becoming general manager the following year. Over the years Daniel has become well acquainted with his suitcase while managing Eastern Ontario and the Quebec side of the Outaouais region, along with tending responsibilities in the Montreal and Halifax regions as the market vice president.

  • Barry Mcnulty

    Funeral Director

    Since 1997 Barry has provided compassionate care to families in the Ottawa and Gatineau areas. Barry earned his degree in funeral service education from Humber College in Toronto in 1994. He is proud to be a part of our team, guiding you through one of the most personal times in life. When he is not serving families, Barry enjoys playing golf and watching or attending the games of his beloved Ottawa Redblacks and Ottawa Senators.

  • Robert Joseph Richard

    Funeral Director

    Robert began serving at Racine, Robert and Gauthier Funeral Home on Besserer Street in the 1970s after graduating from his hometown high school in Cornwall. He was honored to meet the cofounders and did everything from washing cars to working the desk at night.

    Robert moved on to study human resource management at Algonquin College and, immediately following graduation, began working for the City of Ottawa as a clerk in the engineering-finance department. His position evolved over his 27 years with the city, and by his retirement at age 49 had served as manager of the Personnel Administration office and Recreation and Culture department as well as coordinator of the Access to Information department in the clerk's office.

    Always having an interest in funerals, Robert enrolled at Humber College after encouragement from his colleagues at Hulse and Playfair Funeral Home, where he worked following retirement. He served his internships at Tubman Funeral Homes in Ottawa and Lahaie & Sullivan Cornwall Funeral Home, moving on to serve as a funeral director at other locations. Robert has served at his current location as a funeral director. Although he is not always available at the funeral home after semi-retiring in 2015, Robert is often sought after by the descendants of the families he has served throughout the years.

  • Patrice Lambert


    Patrice Lambert knew he wanted to serve families as a funeral director from an early age. Originally from Iroquois Falls, he was able to learn how a funeral home operates by working several non-service position at a local funeral home. After graduating high school from L'Ecole Secondaire L'Alliance, he enrolled at Collège Boréal to pursue a career in the funeral industry. Patrice then grew his industry knowledge through an internship in Toronto. After living in Sudbury, he joined our team in a position he loves.

  • Ashley Stephanie Durepos

    Funeral Director

    Born and raised in Clair, New Brunswick, Ashley Durepos was drawn to the funeral profession at an early age, having learned about it at a high school career day. While she was also interested in the field of obstetrics, visiting both an obstetrics unit and a funeral home in Edmundston confirmed that funeral service was right for her. She enrolled at Collège Boréal at the age of 17, intent on becoming a funeral director. She completed her internship as a part of our team and intends on furthering career with us.