Green Acres Mortuary & Cemetery

401 North Hayden Road Scottsdale, AZ


  • green-acres-mortuary-cemetery-andrea-marie-handley-funeral-director

    Andrea Marie Handley

    Funeral Director

    Andrea has been a funeral director at Green Acres Mortuary and Cemetery since November 2015. Originally from Yuma, she moved to Phoenix in pursuit of a funeral service career, graduating from Mesa Community College in 2014 with a degree in mortuary science. Since graduation she has gained more appreciation for her profession through the opportunity to serve families from varying ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Andrea looks forward to learning something new every day, ensuring each family receives the very best care and personalized services for their loved one. Andrea has served the families in Phoenix since 2013 with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

    If she is not at the funeral home, you will likely find Andrea enjoying time with her family, exploring nature or trying out a new recipe in her kitchen.

  • green-acres-mortuary-cemetery-james-kevin-veal-funeral-director

    James Kevin Veal

    Funeral Director

    Kevin Veal has served the Phoenix/East Valley community at Green Acres Mortuary & Cemetery in Scottsdale since June 2016. He began working in the funeral profession as an apprentice in Oregon, where he was born and raised. Later, he moved to Arizona and earned a degree in mortuary science while working at other funeral homes in the East Valley.

    Throughout his life, Kevin has gained experience in customer service and believes in treating all people with respect and kindness. He focuses on attentively listening to each person's needs and being reliable and compassionate.

    When he isn't at Green Acres, Kevin enjoys tending his yard and watching Star Trek reruns. He lives with his wife, Rachelle, in nearby Mesa. They have two daughters, Kelsae and Hayley; a dog, Noodle; and a cat, Lupita.