Delmoro Funeral Home

61 Beverly Hills Drive Toronto, ON M3L1A2


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    Nick Nicola Vescio


    Nicky Vescio has been honored with the privilege of serving many families in their time of loss with his compassion and genuine care. Nick accepted his life's vocation in 2000 and has welcomed the changes encouraged by the many families he’s served over the years.

    From traditional funeral services to celebrations and commemorative ceremonies, Nick is proud to evolve with the North York community and accepts his role as an organizer, working for the families in need.

    Awarded by J.D. Power as a top performer, Nick is proud of his accomplishments and humbly maintains the golden rule, treating families as he would his own. His goal with each celebration of life is to provide lifelong memories for the families of every honored loved one.

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    Rita Astolfo Etcheverria

    Funeral Director

    Rita has been a licensed funeral director since 2016 and also a healthcare professional since 2003. Her drive to support people in times of need is what led Rita to pursue a path in the bereavement sector. She is a dedicated funeral home team member who recognizes the unique needs of each family. Rita is honored to serve the North York community, and is bilingual in English and Italian.
  • delmoro-funeral-home-le-cathy--huong-thi-thu-3773-funeral-director

    Le Cathy Huong Thi Thu

    Funeral Director

    Cathy is director of Asian services. She is knowledgeable in both Buddhist and Catholic funeral traditions. Cathy speaks fluent Vietnamese and English and is a member of Our Lady of Vietnam Parish in Kitchener.
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    Marc Stipani

    Funeral Director

    As a licensed funeral director since the 2000s, Marc Stipani has been inspired and uplifted by the gratitude shown by the North York families he has faithfully served. Over the years Marc has been awarded by J.D. Power for excellence in satisfaction from families surveyed.

    For Marc, the driving factor toward his vocation in the funeral industry is the admiration received for being part of something larger; making a difference in our community.