• fmfs-saanich-david-nicholas-williamson-3811-manager,

    David Nicholas Williamson


  • fmfs-saanich-victoria--diewert-3811-funeral-director,

    Victoria Diewert

    Funeral Director

  • fmfs-saanich-kristine-josiane-ethier-3811-funeral-director,

    Kristine Josiane Ethier

    Funeral Director

  • fmfs-saanich-natasha-cathryn-colleen-keepence-3811-funeral-director,

    Natasha Cathryn Colleen Keepence

    Funeral Director

    Natasha Keepence is a new addition to our team. She has spent the last 2 years working and attending the Canadian College of Funeral Service. Natasha previously worked in healthcare, with a focus on serving seniors. She enjoys spending free time outdoors and expressing herself through creative arts.

  • fmfs-saanich-erik-albert-oakley-3811-funeral-director,

    Erik Albert Oakley

    Funeral Director

    Originally from the coastal community of Nanaimo, Erik moved to the beautiful vibrant city of Victoria where he continues his studies with the Canadian College of Funeral Services. After attending the memorial service of a lost friend, Erik discovered the value of celebrating a life well lived. He is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, who said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Erik's professional growth is developed with the everlasting memories he creates with community families.