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    Russell L Brown

    Funeral Director

    Russell celebrated his 15th year of providing funeral services in Texas in 2016. A native of Dallas and graduate of W. W. Samuell High School, Russell began his career as a pastor serving New Mexico, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Texas. Burial and cremation service training took him to Richardson, Grand Prairie and Dallas. He gained experience driving limousines before finishing his funerary apprenticeship in Beaumont. Russell helped families from Quitman to Weatherford celebrate the memory of their loved ones until he finally settled in as a member of our team. “I strongly believe that being a Funeral Director is a calling,” Russell says. “I realize that I had a blessing to serve and minister to families in times of grief, and most of all, help get them through a time of sadness.”

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    Lionel C Noel

    Funeral Director

    Originally from Joplin, Missouri, Lionel Noel was raised in Kansas City, Kansas. After serving in church music ministry for 35 years, he decided to pursue a career in funeral service, completing his education and apprenticeship through University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana and graduating in 2017. A licensed funeral director and embalmer, Lionel is proud to serve McGregor-area families and draws on his experience in ministry to serve those who are hurting.

    He likes living in Texas, is involved with the McGregor Rotary Club and has been happily married to his wife for over 38 years, also a funeral director. In his free time, Lionel enjoys attending church and getting together with family whenever possible.

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    Lisa R Noel

    Funeral Director

    Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Lisa Noel worked in dentistry for 35 years before following her path into funeral service. While attending the funeral service education program at University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana, she completed a year-long apprenticeship and graduated in 2018. A licensed funeral director and embalmer, Lisa finds great fulfillment in working with families in and around Marlin, Texas, and considers it an honor to serve during their time of need.

    She has been happily married to her husband for over 38 years, also a funeral director. Lisa draws much of her compassionate, caring demeanor from her experiences serving alongside her husband in church music ministry.

    Outside of work, she is involved with the Marlin Lion’s Club and enjoys attending church, getting together with family whenever possible, playing with her peekapoo dog, and living in the "Fixer Upper" capital.