Martin Mortuary

550 North Ave Grand Junction, CO 81501


  • Richard W. Lewis


  • Victor Claude Breeds

    Funeral Director

    Victor was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, but lived in Watford, England, for 14 years. He was sponsored to come to America and has been in love with the country ever since.

    Always helpful however he can be, Victor often offers tokens of wisdom and advice or completes simple tasks to ease the burden of someone else. With a humble disposition, it’s hard to catch him in a bad mood, and his favorite part of the job is meeting families and colleagues. He maintains positivity and does his best to uplift and motivate his fellow staff, something greatly appreciated by all.

    Victor started playing guitar when he was just 12 and joined his first band at 18. Music remains a significant part of his life and he prefers 1960s era music, specifically the Beatles. Having played soccer throughout his life as well, his favorite team is Manchester United.

    Victor has 2 very successful children, 1 in Denver and 1 back in England, as well as a treasured wife, who makes sure to keep him in line.

  • Bree Lynn Switzler

    Funeral Director

    Bree Switzler started at Martin Mortuary in 2015 as a funeral assistant. Through dedication and passion for her job, she has worked her way up to the position of funeral director.

    Bree grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado, and attended Grand Junction High School, located directly across from Martin Mortuary, which she often viewed with curiosity. At 16, after taking a tour of another local funeral home, she realized that she felt comfortable and “at home” in a mortuary setting and decided that funeral directing was the career path for her. Bree is an archetypical empath, meaning she feels and understands the emotions of others very deeply. She uses that gift to provide our families with the best service possible, being deemed an "absolute angel" by one family in particular.

    Bree has a creative personality and demonstrates that in her services, which always include breathtaking personal touches. Whether it’s creating an ocean ambiance with Hawaiian shirts and seashells or turning a service into an art gallery full of a loved one’s masterpieces, Bree is always able to pull off something spectacular. She understands that everyone is different, and her favorite part of her job is serving in a way that is unique to each family.

    Bree values being a good person in all aspects of life and when she isn’t at work she can be found spending time with her kids and pit bull, Pete Winklehood.