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Thompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral Home in Sylvania, Georgia, helps residents plan personalized funeral and memorial services that offer comfort and peace to family and friends.


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Committed to Sylvania and Screven County Families

Chapel front at Thompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral HomeThompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral Home offers a range of services that meet the needs and wishes of each family who calls upon us. Traditional services in a church, chapel or at the graveside, along with several types of cremation services are among the offerings of our caring and conscientious team. Our modern chapel seats up to 200 people, and we offer services to residents in Sylvania, Screven County and surrounding areas in southeast Georgia. Our chapel is also used for public events, such as gospel sings and seminars, as well as other community gatherings in the event of bad weather.

Funeral planning guidance

We know the challenges you face while planning a funeral or memorial, especially after the loss of a loved one. Our funeral directors and family service counselors are dedicated, compassionate professionals who specialize in arranging funeral or cremation services in advance or at time of need.

Those who choose our plan-ahead options make their wishes known about the type of service they prefer, merchandise, such as caskets and urns, and manages costs, which relieves family members of the financial burden of a funeral or cremation.

Personalized funerals and memorials

Lobby at Thompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral HomeAt Thompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral Home, we believe that services should reflect the lives of those being honored and create meaningful tributes to those who have meant so much to family and friends. Whether it's a favorite song or lifelong passion for a topic, our team transforms those details into a personal funeral or memorial service that showcases individuality.

In addition, we help families write thoughtful obituaries, schedule flexible visitation hours and we create a favorable memory of their loved one. You'll find there's no limit to how we serve you.

Cremation services

Not everyone knows that there are many cremation options. If you are interested in cremation, the funeral home team can explain the process and different choices. From a direct cremation without a memorial service or to a funeral service before or after the cremation, we help you understand this increasingly common choice—and handle all of the cremation arrangements.

Lean on us

Please contact Thompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral Home in Sylvania to learn more about our funeral services or stop by to meet our team. We look forward to assisting you and your family.


Front exterior building at Thompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral HomeThompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral Home is located in Sylvania, a small town in southeast Georgia. Our building was built around 1896 as a private residence and was eventually converted into a funeral home in the 1950s. It is a Colonial-style building with beautiful columns on the façade.

Thompson-Strickland-Waters Funeral Home was formed October 1, 1992. The principal operators of our funeral home are James Strickland and Ronnie Waters, who have many years of combined experience in the funeral business.

Since 1992, the century-old Colonial-style building has been refurbished inside and out, but we have tried to hold onto its older roots by keeping many antique furnishings for a warm atmosphere. Our funeral home has been kept in excellent condition for the families we serve.

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