Anderson & Campbell Funeral Home

115 Lacey Road Whiting, NJ


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    Richard Charles Campana


    Richard Campana joined the funeral industry more than 2 decades ago in order to fulfill his desire to serve others. As traditional services have evolved into more individualized and personalized services, Richard has become more creative in response to the needs of each family. He finds it rewarding to help families plan a meaningful and comforting service, highlighting their memories of happier times. He is inspired to provide families with complete satisfaction in each chosen service.

    Personally affected by the opportunity to add hope to someone experiencing what may be the worst day of their life, Richard says, “This is the true meaning of customer satisfaction and personal relationships. This motivates me every day in creating new and more personalized services.” His compassion toward those in need is a driving presence in his life both personally and professionally. At our funeral home, Richard and the rest of the team work to provide a service that leaves each family with a feeling of complete comfort and emotional ease. “This is our reward,” says Richard.

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    Therese R Ortiz

    Office Manager

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    Patricia O'Connor

    Funeral Director

    Patricia O'Connor began her career as a funeral care provider in 1996. Over the years, she’s found that the most rewarding aspect of her profession has been learning about the people for whom she cares, through the words, prayers, memories, tears and, sometimes, laughter of their family and friends. Patricia's attention to detail allows her to find those special touches that will resonate with each family she serves.

    As a leukemia survivor, she has a deep level of compassion and understanding for those who are going through a difficult time of loss, and she fervently believes in the importance of advanced planning conversations in order to ease the burden of and bring peace to your family members.

    Patricia's goal of service to your family is to provide a beautiful memorial tribute parallel to the unique story of your loved one.