Who We Are

Funeraria del Angel® feels that there is no greater responsibility than honoring the heritage and traditions of one’s life. We speak your language and value your traditions.

There is a special nostalgia that touches your heart when you hear the distinctive notes of a mariachi—a staple at many family events—or smell a fresh-baked flan, just like those from abuela’s kitchen. Funeraria del Angel understands this precious feeling of familiarity is what comforts us most during life’s difficult times. That is why we have made it our mission to provide products and services to celebrate the memory of your loved one, while also honoring your most cherished traditions. When you select a Funeraria del Angel location, you have the comfort of knowing we truly understand your values and what matters most.


A multi-generational family stands at a kitchen island and cooks a healthy meal together.

For more than a decade, it has been Funeraria del Angel’s privilege to serve Hispanic families throughout the United States. This group of specially focused locations includes Caballero Rivero Cemeteries and Funeral Homes in Miami, as well as locations in Puerto Rico. We accommodate the most important aspects of Hispanic funeral customs through exclusive services, so families like yours can honor loved ones the way you are accustomed to doing.

Funeral and memorial services that appeal to your eyes, ears and heart

In your time of need, you can have peace of mind knowing that Funeraria del Angel understands your cultural needs, because we are also part of your community. Every aspect of our funerals reflects the deep respect Hispanics have for values, faith and family. We recognize that Hispanic funerals last longer, usually include food, music and plenty of lively and emotional conversation, especially while reminiscing and sharing memories.