A Guide to Human Composting

A more sustainable choice

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An eco-mindful alternative

Human composting is probably the most sustainable end-of-life option. This gentle process uses natural elements, such as wood chips, mulch and wildflowers, to convert a body into nutrient-rich soil.

Honor yourself or a loved one

When you choose human composting, you also get the opportunity to plan a celebratory service. We’re experts at helping families create tributes that touch hearts and create indelible memories.

Help heal the planet

The human composting process yields about a half cubic yard of soil. Your family is welcome to take all of it home, but most families take only a small amount. The rest is used for forest restoration on the Olympic Peninsula.


Check out the Verified Testimonials and see what customers are saying about their experience with us.

“My experience started way back in the 70's when my parents both elected to pre-purchase their after death care and cremations. My siblings and I all were so thankful, that when the time came, so many of the upsetting details were well taken care of. Now, as I begin to think about 'making it less onerous' on my executor, I too have pre-arranged and paid for my end of life details and cremation, as has my sister. It has given us a total sense of relief; relieving our loved ones of the burden and a few of the tasks that come with dying.”

Zoe K.

Verified Customer

“They listened carefully to what I had in mind, and then gave me some options. I wanted a fairly simple funeral, and they respected my wishes. At no time did I feel any pressure to upgrade or choose something more elaborate and expensive. It gives me great peace of mind to know that I have taken care of most of the details for my own funeral, and will be able to spare my children the difficult task of having to make a number of sudden decisions after my death. I will be recommending pre-planning to anyone who asks.”

Faye M.

Verified Customer

“We did the pre funeral arrangements 4 years ago and glad that we did it! No one is ever ready to say goodbye to their loved ones. So when my father passed away, they were there for us. The staff was caring, compassionate, and patient. All were respectful of our cultures and traditions. We felt your compassion and were thankful of your assistance.”


Verified Customer

How human composting works

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The preparation

To prepare your loved one for transformation, we gently wash and dress them in a biodegradable shroud. We also give your loved one an identification pendant, so there’s never any doubt whom we’re with.

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The vessel

Your loved one is placed on a layer of organic mulch and woodchip in a vessel designed especially for composting. Handpicked local wildflowers are scattered over your loved one before the vessel is sealed.

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The science

With a little water, a little heat, and the careful balancing of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, we create the perfect conditions for naturally occurring microorganisms to break down the body and gently transform it into soil.

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The soil

After about 45 days, the composting process is complete. Approximately a half cubic yard of nutrient-rich soil remains. Your family is welcome to take all of it home, but most families take only a small amount.