Cremation Cemetery Options

Choosing a final resting place is an important part of choosing cremation. When selecting cremation, families often gather for a funeral or memorial service, but what will happen in the weeks, months and years to come? For friends and family, having a permanent place to visit, remember and reflect can assist in the grieving process and also help to create a lasting legacy for generations to come. Many cemeteries offer a wide variety of customizable options for cremation with lasting remembrance.

Families choosing cremation will also find that there are even more remembrance options available to them than there are for traditional casket burial. Cemetery property options for cremation include niches in a mausoleum or columbarium, in-ground burial plots with permanent markers, pedestals, benches, boulders, special gardens, ossuaries and more.

Cemetery tributes for cremation

Cremation cemetery options include a range of final resting places. Settings can include private lawn gardens with ground burial options and aboveground options with many forms of memorialization. Whichever option is chosen, a cemetery memorial or plot can provide friends and family a lasting place of comfort and remembrance.

Private and community mausoleums

A mausoleum can be a private or community space for an individual, couple, family or special group. Mausoleums may contain both caskets and cremation urns, and can include indoor and outdoor spaces. Cremation urns are placed in granite-front or glass-front niches within the mausoleum. Private walk-in mausoleums can also be customized with stained-glass windows, etchings or memorial sculptures to reflect the unique personalities of those honored inside.


A walkway weaves through natural landscaping along a row of cremation monuments with plaques at Boal Memorial Gardens.

Cremation gardens

Cremation gardens are beautifully landscaped areas designed to house cremated remains. Many also include outdoor seating, water features and statuary. Tribute options in a cremation garden can include pedestals, markers, benches, boulders and more. Every option can be personalized to capture the history and passions of a special life.

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Columbarium at East Lawn Palms Cemetery


A columbarium is a public or private space where a loved one's urn can be placed in a niche for permanent remembrance. A columbarium can be an indoor or outdoor structure, large or small, and is usually constructed of lasting materials such as granite. Granite-front niches often feature bronze plaques commemorating the loved one memorialized there. Glass-front niches are another option and may be personalized with mementos of love and remembrance to reflect a special life. Families can choose from individual or companion niche options to meet their needs.


Large, private garden with tropical landscaping and a bench at Pacific View Memorial Park.

Private family estates

Private or semiprivate family estate areas are generally set off by a walls, benches or hedges, and can accommodate in-ground burial of urns or a combination of caskets and urns. They can also be used for aboveground inurnment. These estate areas can be customized to include beautiful landscaping, ornate gates, stone walls and other unique options, providing distinction for the family honored there.


Memorials for cremation scatterings

Even if a loved one's cremated remains have been scattered somewhere else, a permanent memorial in a cemetery can serve as an important and lasting tribute to the life and legacy of that special person. Having a place to visit, reflect and remember can also be an important part of the healing process.

A special and permanent remembrance after scattering can include beautiful memorial options such as a statue, plaque, birdbath or sundial on cemetery grounds.

Cremation Guide


Plan a memorable cremation funeral

Planning a personalized cremation funeral or memorial is an event unlike any other. We created a guide to help you understand all of your cremation options and how to plan a truly memorable event. A Guide for Families Choosing Cremation is free, and it will help you start planning today. Then, when you are ready, a Dignity Memorial provider will be there to walk you through every step of the cremation process.

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