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Lasting memorials that honor special lives

A cemetery is a place of reverence, reflection, history and continuity. When you create a permanent memorial for a loved one, you’re doing more than laying that person to rest. You’re establishing a legacy that spans the past, present and future.

Photos shown here are examples of types of cemetery property and may not represent actual properties available at our cemetery.
Pathway through a cremation garden in a cemetery with niches, boulders and benches.
Meadowlawn Cremation Garden
Large, private garden with tropical landscaping and a bench at Pacific View Memorial Park.
Community garden with a lawn crypt and bronze markers at Pacific View Memorial Park.

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We work hard to keep our cemetery a beautiful, peaceful place of remembrance. Reach out to request maintenance on your loved one’s resting place or another part of the property.



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Custom Estates

A family who wants to stay together may reserve an area of the cemetery exclusively for their loved ones. We design that family’s estate to suit their personal preferences.


Some people are more comfortable with the idea of aboveground burial over in-ground burial. Mausoleums, whether private or community, indoors or outdoors, provide that alternative.

Private Mausoleums

A legacy that speaks volumes

A very personalized resting place, a private mausoleum conveys a sense of exclusivity and intimacy. It allows a family to have a dedicated burial place that reflects their heritage, values and individuality. It also ensures family members remain together even after death. Customizable in nearly every way, a private mausoleum is a distinguished legacy.

Community Mausoleums

A dignified aboveground memorial

Those who wish to create a lasting tribute to their loved ones in a shared space may choose a community mausoleum. An accessible aboveground option, community mausoleums typically house both burial crypts and cremation niches. They often incorporate architectural elements and can foster a sense of connection among families in a community.

Indoor Mausoleums

A personalized, protected tribute

Some may value the protection indoor mausoleums provide. They may also appreciate that many indoor mausoleums are climate controlled for year-round comfort. This may be especially important in areas with harsh winters or intense heat. Indoor mausoleum may include spaces for committal services or places for visitors to sit and remember loved ones.

Outdoor Mausoleums

A garden setting for memorialization

Open-air mausoleums set among trees and landscaped lawns may appeal to those who find solace in nature. Without a defined walk-in area, garden mausoleums, as outdoor mausoleums are also known, blend in with the environment. Visitors simply walk right up to a loved one’s crypt or niche. Outdoor mausoleum spaces may cost less than those indoors.

Ground Burial

The time-honored practice of traditional ground burial holds deep cultural and emotional significance for many families. There are ground burial options for both caskets and urns.

  • Tiered hedge estates with beautiful landscaping at Rose Hills.

    Casket Burial

    Casket burial is an enduring tradition with a long history reflecting reverence and the desire for a dignified final resting place for a loved one. Those who choose casket burial for themselves may do so for cultural, religious or personal reasons.

  • A cremation urn sits on a concrete garden bench with flowers

    Urn Burial

    More and more people are choosing cremation. Just as a casket can be buried in the ground, so can an urn. Some cemeteries have cremation burial gardens. Some families choose to mix casket burial and urn burial in a single estate.

  • markers and monuments

    Markers and monuments

    When you choose a grave marker, you’re creating a lasting legacy for friends and family to visit for generations to come. Crafted from granite or bronze, monuments and markers can be personalized to tell the stories of unique lives.


Columbaria house banks of niches for urns. Large or small, private or public, indoors or outdoors, the structures are popular alternatives to cremation burial.


A sheltered cremation memorial

Whether standalone building or a room inside another building, an indoor columbarium houses cremation niches. Families may appreciate that many indoor columbaria are climate controlled for comfort, which may be important in areas with harsh weather. Indoor columbaria may include spaces for committal services or places for visitors to sit and reflect.


A garden setting for cremation urns

Banks of granite-front or bronze-front cremation niches can be found in community settings or as part of private estates. A columbarium may be part of a cremation garden or simply a standalone structure in another part of a cemetery. These dignified resting places with a connection to nature may hold hundreds of urns or that of a single individual.

Glass-front niche

A personalized urn display and more

There are three kinds of cremation niches: bronze front, granite front and glass front. All three can be customized as celebrations of life, but only a glass-front niche allows for the display of personal treasures. Families love glass-front niches because they can see a loved one’s urn as well as a few small reminders of that person whenever they visit.

Cremation Gardens

Many cemeteries set aside areas for cremation memorials. These cremation gardens may simply be lawn space for burying urns or scattering ashes, or they may be thoughtfully landscaped miniparks.

A custom butterfly cremation pedestal at Chapel Hill Gardens South Cemetery.
Cremation Pedestals

A monument that sparks memories

Cremation pedestals are small monuments that honor loved ones in personalized ways. Some hold urns; others simply mark burials or scatterings. Common in cremation gardens, slanted niche pedestals appeal to individuals who prefer simpler memorials. Some may choose larger pedestals with custom granite toppers, such as an angel or a guitar.

Cremation Memorial
Cremation Benches

An invitation to pause and reflect

Cremation benches memorialize loved ones in much the same way as headstones. Crafted from granite and personalized for those being honored, they may hold as many as four urns or simply mark the places where urns were buried or ashes were scattered. Cremation benches invite cemetery visitors to sit a minute, visit loved ones and reflect.

A Dignity Memorial associate looks at a gentlemen as he talks and they walk through the cemetery with trees.
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