How Much Does the Average Cremation Cost?

Dignity Memorial professionals can walk you through the process of planning a cremation for yourself or your loved one.

Cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional burial, whether for budgetary, personal or religious reasons. Though a cremation tends to have a fixed cost, many other factors affect the total cost of a final farewell with cremation. These include:

If your family chooses cremation with a Dignity Memorial® funeral home, our compassionate funeral planners offer options to fit most budgets. Our cremation packages are comprehensive and include preparation of the body, transportation and permits. Customized cremation packages can include additional products and services, such as a funeral or memorial service, an urn or container for cremated remains (ashes), flowers, stationery and aftercare for family members.

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Celebrating life

People often mistakenly believe cremation means you can’t have a funeral or memorial service, but in fact, a celebration of life can be held for those choosing either traditional burial or cremation. With cremation, a celebration of life can happen any time and place that’s convenient for family and friends—and a Dignity Memorial provider can help plan a funeral service to work within most budgets.

Unique lives deserve unique send-offs, and personalized memorials are our specialty. From just the right flowers to the perfect music, we can help you create a celebration like no other. Whether it’s a balloon release, a cookout, a lakeside ceremony or a golf course goodbye, you or your loved one can have a meaningful tribute when you choose cremation.

Should you wish to gather with friends and family over food, your Dignity Memorial provider can assist with catering. From a breakfast buffet to a cupcake bar, simple snacks to a sit-down dinner with waiter service, we’ll go the extra mile to make a celebration special and work within your price point.

*Not available in Massachusetts.
**Catered receptions may not be allowed at funeral homes by law in some states.

A custom bird-bath cremation pedestal with floating yellow flowers

A final resting place

Your or your loved one’s final resting place is a personal choice, and options for a lasting legacy can be found to meet any need.

Cremation costs can include the cost of an urn or container to be kept at home or a cemetery plot for aboveground or in-ground burial. Additionally, many memorial parks offer a variety of cremation cemetery property options to work within many budgets.

Choices include:

You may also choose lasting remembrance with a headstone, monument, statue or sculpture that can be engraved with your name or the name of your loved one.

Cremation prices will vary based on your personal tastes and decisions, but no matter your choice of resting place, we will help create a lasting legacy to work with your budget.


Plan a memorable cremation funeral

Planning a personalized cremation funeral or memorial is an event unlike any other. We created a guide to help you understand all of your cremation options and how to plan a truly memorable event. Understanding Cremation—A Complete Guide is free, and it will help you start planning today. Then, when you are ready, a Dignity Memorial provider will be there to walk you through every step of the cremation process.

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Cremation preparation and process

When you choose cremation, you can also choose to have a visitation before the funeral or a memorial service after the cremation—or neither. This choice can be a deciding factor in how your loved one’s body is prepared for cremation—and it can also contribute to the cremation cost. A viewing prior to cremation usually means that the body must be embalmed.

When it comes to the cremation itself, some families choose a simple cremation, which is done in private without a witness. Some families want to watch and even participate in the cremation, and some religious groups include witnessing a cremation as part of their funeral customs. Not every funeral home or crematory accommodates a cremation viewing, so if this is important to you, be sure to bring it up early in the planning process.

Cremation urns and containers

Options for cremation urns and other containers for cremated remains are many and vary by provider and cost. Urns range from simple to ornate and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Lasting materials include wood, stone, resin, metal and leather. Eco-conscious options include sand, salt, paper and water-soluble plastic, which biodegrade within minutes, hours or days of a water burial. There are also vessels that can be used in a scattering ceremony.

Think about what best represents you or your loved one: A beautiful box to be placed into the earth, a traditional vase-shaped urn to display in a cremation niche or a contemporary container to keep at home are just a few of the many options.

Family support and keepsakes

When you choose a Dignity Memorial provider, your family will receive ongoing care after the cremation. Additionally, some families find cremation keepsakes comforting. These keepsakes can be figured into cremation costs and can include:

Cremation jewelry: A necklace, ring or bracelet capable of holding small portions of your loved one’s cremated remains, or a silver pendant featuring your loved one’s fingerprint.

Keepsake urns: A smaller urn that matches the look of your or your loved one’s full-size urn. This is a beautiful way for multiple family members to keep the cremated remains of a loved one close by. The keepsake urn can generally be engraved with a name or symbol.

Other support options include the Dignity Memorial Aftercare Planner®, Estate Fraud Protection, a portrait on canvas, sympathy follow-ups and regular placement of flowers on your loved one’s final resting place.




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Cremation memorials to remember

Understanding Cremation—A Complete Guide walks you through the many options available and helps you plan an event like no other.