Funeral Transportation

Let us get things moving with funeral transportation

Planning a funeral requires many decisions, and making choices can seem overwhelming in a time of grief. When you work with a Dignity Memorial® provider, a caring professional will guide and assist you every step of the way, including arranging funeral transportation for both a loved one and his or her family. We can arrange a hearse, limousines, lead cars for the funeral procession and more. With one of the larger commercial fleets in North America, the Dignity Memorial network has access to meticulously maintained funeral cars, from traditional to unique.

More than a hearse

The car that transports your loved one is more than a car. It not only carries a special someone but it’s also an opportunity to express something about the person who has passed. What do we mean by that? The Dignity Memorial fleet includes traditional hearses and limousines, of course, but with more than 6,500 vehicles, it also includes lead cars and custom-designed hearses and limousines as well.

Just as other makes of vehicles come with options and upgrades, hearses have options too. Traditional hearses with vinyl tops, curtains and partitions continue to be popular choices for transporting loved ones to funeral homes or final resting places. Other options include fiberglass tops with skylights and LED lighting that shines on a breathtaking display of flowers or the flag on the carefully chosen casket of a veteran. Some hearses and limos have forward-facing bench seats for easy accessibility to people of all ages and abilities.

Lead cars, which are usually driven by a funeral director, are dignified leaders of a funeral procession. In addition to helping honor a loved one, they may also help manage traffic patterns and keep a funeral procession together. A variety of vehicles are available as lead cars, and a police escort can also be arranged.

Using funeral vehicles to personalize a service

Though a hearse is always available for a casket or a cremation urn and provides dignified transportation, you might consider a special vehicle to personalize a celebration of life. A horse-drawn caisson is a moving sight at a military funeral. A motorcycle sidecar carrying a cremation urn is a fitting tribute for a biker. We’ve used race cars, kayaks, ponies and more to personalize funerals, so don’t let funeral transportation be an afterthought. It can be a really meaningful touch. If you’ve got an idea, tell your funeral planner. He or she might just surprise you.

Caring for the earth and the consumer

We are passionate about remaining relevant to the communities we serve. This goal means providing funeral transportation options that suit today’s families, including SUVs, sedans and eco-friendly hybrids, which lower our environmental impact and save on fuel costs.